Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Great Power Cut of 2011!

Well the day started off innocently enough and pretty much like any other day here at the lodge. A couple of 2 minute power cuts, nothing to worry about. Our guests were out in the garden anyway and unaware of the annoying little incidents.
Being the perfect host that I am I had already made up the venison stew for the evening meal and it was busy doing it's thing in the oven.
The winds started to pick up quite rapidly outside much to the annoyance of our chickens who find it pretty imposible to walk with any dignity when there's a small tornado whipping up their feathers. They end up flying along the ground at an incredible pace and generally in the opposite direction to which they want to go.
Parsley, as usual, believed the world was coming to an end and began to run around here enclosure like a goat possessed, Basil looking on in dismay and far more concerned about the lack of pellets he had received that morning.
Well, with trees bending and gates swinging the power cut finally arrived at around 5pm. Not too much of a problem as it was still light.
Now where did I put those candles?
Our guests came indoors and, in true crisis style, we got the Monopoly and cards out.
Once 7pm arrived I think it became clear that the power was not returning for some time and so the hunt for candles and torches commenced. Success, one candle and 2 torches with flat batteries!
There was also no water as our electrically run pumps were no longer operative.
Not to be panicked, we put the wood burner on full blast and began the very slow process of cooking rice in a pan on top of it. In true British style we managed to make an endless supply of cups of tea on our tiny camping stove. You can deal with anything if you have tea!
Mark was called out to work on numerous occasions during the night due to power poles and trees falling down everywhere. It was pretty scarey sat indoors listening to it all, seemed to come in waves of complete calm and then chaos for a few seconds. Just before the rains came I manage to get the sheep in, more for my benefit than theirs I think as they seemed completely unmoved by the whole thing.
We could hear lots of loud noises on the roof as various sized branches and debris hit us, made all the more scarey by the night time darkness having arrived.
Monopoly by torch light soon ended and as the heavy rains fell and the wind seemed to subside we all made our way to the safety of our comfy beds.
The following morning was a beautiful day but still without power.
We discovered 2 fallen trees but no other damage at all, what a relief. Normality was restored at 3pm that day when the power finally returned.
It's life on the edge here in Garston. Do come and visit.