Monday, December 27, 2010

The 'Sneeze-fart' a Goat keeping Phenomenon

I would assume that it is a little known fact to those outside the world of keeping goats, and indeed it was a mystery to us too, but for reasons that will baffle scientist around the world it would appear that goats are susceptible to simultaneous explosions from both ends whenever they enter into anything more than a gentle trot. I have no idea when we first noticed it nor when it started but exist it does, the 'sneezing-farting' goats of Castle Hill Lodge. Whenever moved to their new feeding ground and the excitement builds to an overwhelming crescendo both Basil and Parsley literally burst unashamedly. To describe this phenomenon, first of all there's a small sneeze, similar in all aspects to a human sneeze and similar in depth and tone to a quick, gentle, nose tickling sneeze like that when one may accidentally inhale pepper for instance. Not particularly funny in its self. However, this is immediately followed on every occasion by a short comedy 'raspberry', like noise produced should one poke out their tongue and seal their lips and exhale quickly. The effect is quite hilarious and almost musical in its regularity and only matched by the immediate look of utter surprise upon their faces after every note!!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

The Great escape

Yesterday we put Sid in with the other sheep. They were both on a good section of land with electric fencing surrounding them. We thought this would be enough.

The other sheep, Reo, has no requirement to leave her little plot of heaven and is quite content to sit and eat all day. The same cannot be said for Sid.

He has now made 3 sucessful escape bids albeit he doesn't travel far, just to the other side of the fence.

So I pick him up, return him to his section and walk back up the driveway. Before I get to the house he is out again. Now, if I sit and watch him he doesn't try to leave but the moment my back is turned he escapes.

I can only imagine that his wool, which is randomly thick on his face, is preventing him from being zapped by the fence.

We are hatching a plan to crank up the zap from the fence by attaching it to the tractor. Once he gets a hit from it I am sure he won't push through again! Well thats the plan. Stay tuned.