Friday, July 12, 2013

Still here and going strong!!

Winter has once again befallen the lodge and we have, so far, been doing it pretty tough. Two large dumps of snow and rain, oh boy, gallons and gallons of rain which has led to swollen rivers and wide spread flooding and needless to say things are still pretty soggy under foot.

However, I can't say that it has all been bad; the rain has provided several new swimming holes for our duck Mildred, which I will get to shortly along with other new arrivals, minor disasters also on the duck front, power cuts leading to winter bbq's and candle lit dinners and other exciting developments. Somehow Southland seems to produce some of the most beautiful winter days you can imagine and today is one of those days.

I am currently sat on the new bean bags in the cosy guest lounge here at the lodge, feet up, and the sun has just melted behind Castle Hill to the west after a stunningly bright blue day.  Making this the perfect moment to make some long overdue updates to the blog.........enjoy!

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